Walk Strong, Be Fuerte!

Through a series of hiking trips to local parks such Hayes Arboretum, Cope Environmental, Cardinal Greenway, etc., we encourage girls, boys and entire families, to get out in nature, connect with their inner self, be mindful and present, while getting some exercise.

Violin lessons

In their third year of lessons, Amigos’ 15 violinists, ages 9 to 14 have a chance to perform in Civic Hall with the Richmond Community Orchestra. Lessons are provided by the Orchestra’s  String Initiative funded by the Wayne County Foundation

Youth Tennis Program

Amigos has partnered with the United States Tennis Association, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County, and the Earlham College, IU East, and Richmond High School tennis teams to provide a free after-school tennis program for 9-11 year olds. Kids learn the basics of tennis and hone their skills through drills, games, strokes, and match play.

Corazón Latin@

In our weekly Corazón Latin@ after school youth group, middle school youths work with college student mentors and community volunteers in activities that promote leadership skills, creative self-expression, academic and college readiness, and Latino cultural appreciation.

English Classes

Amigos has taught English to hundreds of people since 1999. We provide a safe, supportive environment to encourage learners to take risks. Our students  come from a number of backgrounds and countries including, Japan, Mexico, Honduras, China, Colombia, Vietnam, Ruanda and Guatemala. 

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