Amigos Food Pantry Program for COVID-19 Relief

Statement of vision and mission of the initiative 

The mission of Amigos, the Richmond Latino Center, is to empower the Latinx community so that they engage actively in Richmond and Wayne County and to promote learning, cooperation, and respect across cultures. 

The COVID-19 pandemic required Amigos to adapt to the changes in society. Due to social distancing regulations, our regular programs couldn’t be offered. However, many of the Latino families had lost their jobs.  We consulted how we could be most supportive to the families and realized that providing food and basic hygiene supplies would be our way forward. 

Our mission is to provide healthy food and personal hygiene supplies for Latino families in need during the 2020 pandemic.

Since its beginning in 1999, Amigos the Richmond Latino Center has actively engaged with the Latinx community in Richmond and Wayne County with the belief that by working together and developing people’s potential and respect for one another, we can build a stronger community. The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us now more than ever that we must be together in solidarity. Therefore, to support those families affected by the soaring unemployment and the financial stress resulting from the pandemic, Amigos has implemented its Food Pantry Program; an initiative that provides food, toiletries and other articles of immediate need directly to families, aiming to relieve the burden of food insecurity in our community.

How to participate

We organize our Food Pantry Distribution at least once a month. To participate, families need to fill out a registration form that allows us to assess the size of the family and their financial situation. Everyone who applies for the meal-baskets is approved and receives assistance including food, toiletries, diapers, and other hygiene necessities. We do a contactless delivery directly to the family’s cars to minimize the risk of contagion. For updated information and/or to register for the food giveaway, we invite you to check our Facebook page where we post details about our food distribution.

Find us on Facebook at for updates and photos of our efforts! Give us a like and you can stay current on recent and future events!


The Amigos Food Distribution program has grown considerably in the short time since it was created. In less than three months, we have been able to serve more than 200 families in the Wayne County area. In our largest drive so far, 311 people were able to attend, of which 165 were children. So far, we have been able to serve 856 individuals.

To support our efforts with a monetary contribution, please click on the yellow donate button on the right side of the screen.

What Families Are Saying

Pues a mi en lo personal me a ayudado muchos pues yo soy madre soltera de 5 niňos todas menores de edad lo que dan me a servido de mucho para alimentar a mis hijos y estoy muy agradecida con todos los miembros de grupo amigos latinos por lo que hacen por nuestra comunidad muchas gracias a todos los hacen esto posible.”

“Personally, [the Amigos Food Pantry program] has helped me a lot. I am a single mother of five children. The program has helped me a lot to feed my children. I am very thankful to all the members of Amigos for everything they do for our community. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible”

“Este programa ha sido de gran ayuda, sobre todo porque los productos que nos han dado son los que nosotros como latinos conocemos y consumimos..gracias!”

“This program has been of great help, especially because all the products we have been given are the ones that we, as Latino families, consume…. Thank you!”

Nos ayudado mucho porque con esta pandemia, muchos nos quedamos sin trabajo y con esta ayuda hemos sobrevivido”

“[The Amigos Food Pantry program] has helped us a lot. Due to this pandemic, many of us lost our jobs. Thanks to this aid, we have been able to make it through”

Our Partners and how to contribute. 

This program would not be possible without our amazing donors and volunteers. We thank them for their generous support. If you would like to support our cause, whether monetary or with goods, or if you have any questions, we invite you to contact our Director of Operations, Claudia Edwards, at 765-965-5803 or 765-265-1611 . Your contribution is very important to us. We and the Latino community thank you!

Current Amigos COVID-19 Relief Program Sponsors:

Tre Ronne | Pat Ronne | Jaynne Rivas | Chris Geeslin | Julien Simon | Alejandra Beier

 Extra COVID resources

Testing sites in Richmond

There is a free testing mobile site at the former Elder Bearman in Richmond, Indiana: 601 Promenade, Richmond, Indiana 47374. People interested in testing are welcome to walk in without needing to present any symptoms or knowledge of previous exposure.

Wayne County Trustee’s Office

There is an aid for bills and rest for qualifying families. To get information on requirements and the application process, please call (765) 973-9392.